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Trust Dance Theater & Simon Beyer-Pedersen inviterer Korea Klubbens medlemmer til gratis danse workshop i Aarhus.

Tilmelding via facebook eller på mail til (angiv navn, antal deltagere samt alder)

Der er maks. plads til 30 – tilmelding er ‘først til mølle’.

Korean Dance Company in Aarhus.

The renowned and award-winning artistic director, Hyung Hee Kim (Trust Dance Theatre, Korea), and danish (based in Finland) choreographer, Simon Beyer-Pedersen, Would like to invite people from the Korean Klub in Denmark to join our research for our upcoming project Identity”(work title).

“Identity” is the first part of a performing arts culture research project between Korea and Denmark. The research project deals with adoptive children/adults, who originate from Korea. 

Through interviews and movement workshops Trust Dance Theater and Simon Beyer-Pedersen wants to foster a cultural meeting between Korea and Dannmark, researching the cultural dilemma adoptive children face – especially in the East-West contrast. It is a minority group worldwide that does not belong to those they look like and at the same time they are not accepted by those whom they share norms and attitudes with. This poses the question: what is culture? Are there old attitudes that expel their own from society? Is it that you have the same values and norms as the ones you are in among? – or is culture to identify in others by looking alike? This topic is vast and highly complex?

The dance workshop is free 

Date: 7.10.2018
Time: 12.00 – 15.00

Place: Ballet Akademiet 
Mejlgade 44B
8000 AARHUS C 

Age: 10 – 99


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