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Korea Klubben is committed to facilitate contact among Korean adoptees. We provide a social forum for adult adoptees sharing cultural and adoptee experiences. We promote Post Adoption Services such as counseling to adoptees and adoptive families, and education to professionals. We are dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of issues related to international adoption from Korea.

History in short:

  • 2016 Co-organizers of IKAA Gathering 2016 in Seoul
  • 2015 25th Anniversary
  • 2013 Co-organizers of IKAA Gathering 2013 in Seoul
  • 2012 Korea Klubben group tours to Korea (with Meari Travel)
  • 2011 Korea Klubben group tours to Korea (with Meari Travel)
  • 2010 20th Anniversary. Co-organizers of IKAA Gathering 2010 in Seoul
  • 2009 Co-organizers of IKAA Gathering 2009 in Amsterdam
  • 2007 Co-organizers of IKAA Gathering 2007 in Seoul
  • 2005 15th Anniversary 
  • 2004 Co-organizers of the first IKAA Gathering 2004 in Seoul
  • 2003 Organizers of the international adoption conference, The Meaning of Roots: Ethnic Identity & Biological Heritage. Research, Policy and Experience, Copenhagen. First Korea Klubben group tour to Korea (with Shilla Travel)
  • 2002 First annual Weekend camp
  • 2001 Co-organizers of 2nd Intl. Gathering of Adult Korean Adoptees, Oslo
  • 2000 10th Anniversary: Conference on Post Adoption Services
  • 1996 Ch’ingu Magazine is launched
  • 1990 Foundation

For further information please visit: www.ikaa.org