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Korean Speech Contest

By |2017-03-22T21:15:17+01:00november 21st, 2014|Blog|

DATE: 28th November 2014 5pm – 7pm

PLACE: University of Copenhagen (The Institute of Transcultural and Regional Studies)

TOPIC: “Korean & I” for 3-5 min.

1st prize: Round trip ticket to South Korea
2nd prize: Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet (choice)
3rd prize: Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet

QUALIFICATION: Open to all non-native Korean speakers in Denmark.


HOW TO APPLY: Send your application to

In your application, please state:

1) Name

2) The length of time you have been studying Korean

3) Your contact details

For further questions, please  contact Eunji Lee (39 46 04 10 /


This contest is organized by the Embassy of […]

Video & Photo Contest about Korea

By |2017-03-22T21:15:17+01:00juni 21st, 2014|Blog|

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea (MOFA) and Arirang TV are holding a 3-minute Video & Photo Contest about Korea.


1. Submission Date

: ~ July 31, 2014, (18:00 Korean Local time)

2. Entry Qualification

A. All foreigners residing in and outside of Korea

B. Ethnic Koreans born outside of Korea and do not have Korean citizenship

3 .Title:  “To me, Korea is…”


A. 3-minute Video

When you think of Korea, what first comes to mind? Why do you think so?

Do you have any personal and meaningful stories or experiences related to Korea or Korean culture, people, way of life, tradition, entertainment and tour, etc.? […]

Summer @UIC 2013 Yonsei University

By |2017-03-22T21:15:18+01:00maj 14th, 2013|Blog|

Summer@UIC provides high school students an exclusive and exciting opportunity to fully experience all that the Underwood International College at Yonsei University has to offer.

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