Joint Picnic between Korea Klubben and Korean Community Association in Denmark (KOCOA), Saturday June 17 2017.

Around 140 people from the two organisations, the Embassador & Madamme and staff from Embassy of the Republic of Korea were gathered at Naturcenter Vestamager. 

The day started with Jumping Bags Race with both adults and children. All were enthusiastic. Afterwards Stick Bold, played by Korean rules. Lunch at the bunfires, twistbread and marshmallows. 

After lunch more Stick Bold, group photo, treasure hunt for children. Awards ceremony for children and medals and candybags were given to each children.

Thank you so much for this day. We hope to repeat this tradition next year and hope this could be start of new relations between KOCOA and Korea Klubben.

Thank you to KOCOA, Taeseong and Junghwan for great cooperation, good inputs, good mood & enthusiasm. To yours and ours families for hard work – making preparation, food etc.

Thank you to all volunteers, Niels-Peter, thank you for your always good mood and hard work planning, Liselotte for establishing contacts and start-up and for all those, who participated. We appreciate :-). 

Remember, if you are member of Korea Klubben Facebook Group, you can see plenty of pictures and videos from the day. 

Best Regards,


Margit & Charlotte