On Friday, March 31, Kunsthal Aarhus welcomes the Real DMZ Project (KR), a contemporary art project based on research on the DMZ, headed by artistic director Sunjung Kim, who is also director of Art Sonje Center in Seoul.


The weeklong Real DMZ Project: The Aarhus Edition kicks off Friday, March 31 at 5pm with a reception followed by a short program of talks between 6 – 8pm. The talk program continues throughout the weekend, April 1-2, please see program below. 


The Real DMZ Project: The Aarhus Edition is part of The Timeshare Project at Kunsthal Aarhus, which throughout the next couple of months will host five international art institutions / projects. For more info on The Timeshare Project, see http://kunsthalaarhus.dk/en/programme#overlay=en/programmes/the-timeshare-project-kunsthal-aarhus-100-years


Arts Council Korea, The Danish Arts Foundation, Nordea-Fonden, and Fonden 2017 have supported the Real DMZ Project: The Aarhus Edition.


Kunsthal Aarhus
J.M. Mørks Gade 13
8000 Aarhus C


REAL DMZ PROJECT (KR): The Aarhus Edition

31.03 – 08.04

The REAL DMZ PROJECT is a contemporary art project based on research conducted on the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in South Korea and its border areas. Presenting a one-week exhibition, a series of screenings and a program of talks at Kunsthal Aarhus, the REAL DMZ PROJECT will not only introduce artistic, curatorial and academic ruminations on the DMZ, but also open up the question of borders and migration in a European context. 

Participants: Alex Taek-Gwang Lee (KR), Chan Sook Choi (KR), Frederikke Hansen (DK), Hayoun Kwon (KR), Jane Jin Kaisen (DK), Jens Haaning (DK), Keith B. Wagner (GB), Kyung-Jin Zoh (KR), Kyungah Ham (KR), Mark Lewis (CA), Onejoon Che (KR), Seong Woo Back (KR), Yang Ah Ham (KR), Youngho Nam (KR).

REAL DMZ PROJECT: The Aarhus Edition is organized by Sunjung Kim, Eunha Lee, Eunkyung Lee and Kate Hwajung Choi.

The program is conducted in English.


EXHIBITION: 31.03.17  08.04.17



31.03.17, 6:00 – 8:00 pm 

6:00 pm: Sunjung Kim (artistic director, REAL DMZ PROJECT, KR): Introduction about the REAL DMZ PROJECT and the program at Kunsthal Aarhus. 

On Refugees 

6:10 pm: Frederikke Hansen (co-director, CAMP, DK): Meeting Migration Politics with Conviviality: Two Models in Practice. 

6:40 pm: Jens Haaning (artist, DK): Border Implications: The DMZ and the European Refugee Situation. 

7:10 pm: Alex Taek-Gwang Lee (professor, Kyung Hee University, KR):

“We, Refugees”: Homelessness as Another Ontology. 

7:40 pm: Discussion


01.04.17, 1:00  3:30 pm 


1:00 pm: Chan Sook Choi (kunstner / artist, KR) Interview Project in Cheorwon 

1:30 pm: Kyung-Jin Zoh (professor, Seoul National University, KR): Lost Town: Ruins and Reconstruction of Place Memory in Old Cheorwon

2:00 pm: Pause / Break

2:10 pm: Keith B. Wagner: (assistant professor, University College London, GB): Ports as Porous Borders in Contemporary South Korean Cinema: Water Cartographies and Marginalized Subjects in ‘The Yellow Sea’ (2010) and ‘New World’ (2013). 

2:30 pm: Youngho Nam (professor, Shinhan University, KR): Single Front, Multiple Borders and Individualized Signifiants: Candlelight Protests in Korea 2016-17

3:00 pm: Discussion


02.04.17, 1:00  3:00 pm

On North Korea

1:00 pm: Jane Jin Kaisen (artist, DK)

1:30 pm: Onejoon Che (artist, KR)

2:00 pm: Seong Woo Back (artist, KR)

2:30 pm: Discussion and wrap-up