Kære medlemmer

Vi er blevet informeret om at hollandske United Adoptees International arrangerer en tur til Korea i år.

Kontakt gerne Mai-Cha direkte hvis du vil vide mere: maicha77@gmail.com

To adopterede fra Holland arrangerer turen, Hilbrand Westra og Mai-Cha Suer – her er noget info på engelsk:

Costs are not yet included on the flyer but if people ask about it: flight is around € 780,- (direct flight from AMS to ICN). The program costs will come down to € 600,- (incl. hotel, excl. meals, drinks and personal expenses). Furthermore, the program offers enough space to make it your own/lower the costs.
I intend to close the registrations mid of June.
About the Korea trip (2 weeks):

1. Schedule: I included our concept schedule, see attachment. It’s in Dutch but I think you recognize a lot of stuff. We intend to explore Seoul, Busan and Gyeongju and the DMZ/JSA.
2. Optional scheduling: Important to mention is that all the red marked elements are optional; in this way the schedule can still be great and fits everybody’s wallet. All the blue marked elements are things we do together (and are actually not optional).
3. Who can go: It’s for adoptees only.
4. Guides: In Seoul we have a lot of guides (English/Korean speaking) available, in Busan probably not and in Gyeongju we`ll arrange an audio tour.
5. Birth Family Search: Yes, for sure! If participants contact me about this (search start-up, visiting orphanages, visiting adoption organization, family reunion), we will put this down in our schedule (not with the group, of course).
6. Age range: Minimum age 18 years, max. ….. (the participants so far are between 30 – 40 year)
7. Accomodation: We will stay in a mini-hotel of Dalkom in Myeongdong. The rooms are all private but vary in form: 2-person, 4-persons, 1-person. We can pretty much accommodate every wish in this hotel.
8. Language: Depending on the applications from Denmark and Germany we will speak English or Dutch. For example: if there would be only 1 Danish participant, 90% will be in English (especially the activities done together/blue marked in the attachment).