The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea (MOFA) and Arirang TV are holding a 3-minute Video & Photo Contest about Korea.


1. Submission Date

: ~ July 31, 2014, (18:00 Korean Local time)

2. Entry Qualification

A. All foreigners residing in and outside of Korea

B. Ethnic Koreans born outside of Korea and do not have Korean citizenship

3 .Title:  “To me, Korea is…”


A. 3-minute Video

When you think of Korea, what first comes to mind? Why do you think so?

Do you have any personal and meaningful stories or experiences related to Korea or Korean culture, people, way of life, tradition, entertainment and tour, etc.? If so, what Korea means to you?

 B. Photos and Narratives

Using your personal background and experiences related to Korea, please submit 8 photos or less and narratives that tell a story of what Korea means to you.


4. Guidelines

A. 3-minute Video

ㅇ First, make a video no longer than 3 minutes.

ㅇ Second, upload the video on YouTube or any other legal video-sharing website.

ㅇ Third, visit the contest website (,

fill in the application form and register your video entry.

※ English or Korean submissions are preferred. However, if the language is not in Korean

or English, videos should either include Korean or English subtitles.


B. Photos and Narratives

ㅇ First, visit the contest website (

ㅇ Second, click the <Registration>, select <Photo>, fill in the application form and attach your photos and narratives.

※ Contestants may apply for the video and photo contests. However, contents may not be duplicated in both entries. In addition, the use of common photos, such as those of historic places in Korea or Korean celebrities (ex. K-pop stars), may be disadvantaged.


5. Awards

Prize (Number of video entries) Award

Grand Prize (1) Kia car
Gold Prize (1) LG Notebook PC
Silver Prize (3) Samsung Tablet PC
Bronze Prize (5) Samsung Digital Camera
Outstanding Achievement Award (30) LG Bluetooth Earset
Outstanding Effort Award (60) LG USB Memory (64GB)


※ NOTE   

● In regards to the Grand Prize, all the taxes and related costs of registration, transportation and delivery, etc. shall be paid by the recipient. Upon recipient’s request, an equivalent cash may be provided; in this case, the amount shall be transferred to the bank account of the recipient and any banking charges may be deducted from the amount.

● In the case no video entry qualifies for Grand/Gold/Silver/Bronze prizes, any of those categories may be ELIMINATED or may be subject to CHANGE.


6. Result Notification

ㅇ Date: September 15, 2014 (Monday)

ㅇ The result will be announced on the contest website

( and informed individually to the awards recipients.

※ This may be delayed if the screening process takes longer than expected.


7. Legal Notices

ㅇ Prizes will be forfeited if a video clip or photo is plagiarized or has received an award from another contest.

ㅇ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea (MOFA) will have the right to post, print, publish or otherwise use the contest submissions.

ㅇ Any legal issues concerning portrait rights or copyright violations arising from a video or photo submission are soley the legal responsibility of the contestant.


8 .Inquiries & Contact

ㅇ Inquiries:

ㅇ Contact

– Abroad: Please consult with the cultural attache of your nearest Korean Embassy or Consulate.

– In Korea: Please call at +82-2-2100-8113, 8111 (Seoul) Cultural Cooperation Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea (MOFA).


Video exemples from the contest: “I love Korea because…”