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Today I meet up with Tobias (a Korean adoptee from Denmark) who I had been corresponding with through Facebook before I arrived here.

We meet in Hongdae since that is where Tobias lives and the area is full of life and small upcoming designer stores.

We started at a cafe getting to know each other and then we went on to have lunch. I got my first mandu soup and it is not going to be the last time I find a place that makes that dish.

But now to the highlight of the day;

Tom’s cat cafe!!!

Cats are just everywhere :)

A cafe filled with all sorts of cats. It was amazing. Tobias was not exactly thrilled in the beginning but I think he warmed up and had a good time! :)

Tobias and a lazy cat

When you arrive at the cafe you need to leave your shoes and borrow a pair of slippers to wear. Then you get a big white plastic bag for your jackets and bags just in case some of the kittens are leaky. :)

There is no entrance fee but the drinks are a bit more expensive than at a regular cafe.

You get a table and then you are told not to disturb cats who are wearing a blue scarf since they can be a bit aggressive. You are not allowed to touch the kittens in a cage either but you can play with and pet the rest of the cats.

Here are some mood pictures from our visit:

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!! :)

This cat is not fat at all! ;)

I’m wearing a blue scarf – Do NOT touch me!!!

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…” :)

Hello – I am really cute! :)

Just a little sleepy

This is my all time favorite cat photo of the day! And I just want to notice that this is a position that the cat chose him self! :)

Cute saying at the wall

Anyway just as a warning to all of you who do not want to look at cats just avoid any other posts named something with cat cause there are a few other cat cafes and dog cafes in Seoul and my mission is to visit them all! :)